Minorities and Lung Cancer Detection

August 27, 2018

In screening for lung cancer with Low Dose CT  scans (LDCT), a University of Illinois at Chicago study found that inner city minority based populations have a higher incidence of lung cancer than the majority white population studied in the National Lung Screening Trial.

The Lung Cancer Screening Trial findings contributed to the current guidelines used in determining if a patient should have a LDCT.

This University of Illinois study also asserts that the benefits of LDCT would be more effective in reducing lung cancer deaths, if the guidelines considered more than just smoking history and age when determining a person’s risk.

Click here to read the study

Insulators urge: ‘Unite for a Cure’ for mesothelioma

May 2, 2018

Battling the deadly scourge of mesothelioma and other occupational lung diseases, was the topic of a two-day symposium last month put on by the Heat and Frost Insulators International in Florida. While these diseases pose a grave risk to all constructions workers, the insulators and asbestos workers have the highest exposure rate and, unfortunately, the highest mortality rate.  Read Full Article

Naturally Occurring Asbestos Found Near Boulder City, NV

March 26, 2018

Home development in the El Dorado Valley along Interstate-11 southeast of Las Vegas may be impacted by naturally occurring asbestos (NOA) discovered when a new section of I-11 was to be constructed.  State laws to protect citizens from the dangers of NOA are not stringent enough to protect against low levels of exposure which can cause disease.  Click here to read and hear the television news story of February 15, 2018.

Quebec Asbestos Industry Lobbyists Seek Exemption for Mining Waste Uses

March 26, 2018

In light of Canada closing the asbestos mines in Quebec, Kathleen Ruff of RightOnCanada writes:

“A dramatic battle is unfolding between the the Canadian and the Quebec governments and the asbestos lobby.

For decades the Canadian and the Quebec governments betrayed the people of Quebec by hiding the clear scientific evidence that all asbestos is harmful. For decades both levels of government were in bed with and financed the asbestos lobby and allowed it to write Canada’s and Quebec’s laws on asbestos”.

Click here to read about industry’s proposed uses of the waste from asbestos mines.

Required Replacement of Respirator Cartridges

February 14, 2018

The Centers for Disease Control talks about the importance of knowing when you respirator cartridges have reached the end of their service life.  Click here to be aware of the the OSHA regulations you and your respiratory protection program administrator should always follow.