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Naturally Occurring Asbestos Found Near Boulder City, NV

Home development in the El Dorado Valley along Interstate-11 southeast of Las Vegas may be impacted by naturally occurring asbestos (NOA) discovered when a new section of I-11 was to be constructed.  State laws to protect citizens from the dangers of NOA are not stringent enough to protect against low levels of exposure which can cause disease.  Click here to… Read more →

Quebec Asbestos Industry Lobbyists Seek Exemption for Mining Waste Uses

In light of Canada closing the asbestos mines in Quebec, Kathleen Ruff of RightOnCanada writes: “A dramatic battle is unfolding between the the Canadian and the Quebec governments and the asbestos lobby. For decades the Canadian and the Quebec governments betrayed the people of Quebec by hiding the clear scientific evidence that all asbestos is harmful. For decades both levels… Read more →