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Breath of Life Foundation supports research on asbestos-related diseases

Breath of Life Foundation supports research on asbestos-related diseases

A big thank you to the Breath of Life Foundation, which has contributed a total of $180,000 to Providence-Providence Park Hospital over the past three years to be used to advance research and programs associated with asbestos-related diseases. The foundation recently presented its annual $60,000 donation to representatives of PPPH and St. John Providence to help allow Dr. Michael Harbut… Read more →

Strategies to Quit Smoking

The most important strategy is to not give up; it usually takes more than a couple of attempts to finally quit smoking.   Victory rates are increased if a structured support group, led by medical professionals, and prescribed nicotine replacement products are used.  A recent study from England found additional success if one quits “cold turkey” rather than gradually reducing tobacco… Read more →

US Preventative Task Force Considers Screening for Hidden TB

The screening tests approved by the US Preventative Task Force are covered under the Affordable Care Act. Examples are Low Dose lung CT scans for heavy smokers, colonoscopies, and mammograms.  The Task Force is now considering screening for latent TB in high risk people.  Click here to read the news story.

New York Property Developer Caught Exposing Workers to Asbestos

Acting on a complaint, an inspector from the New York State Department of Labor, Asbestos Control Bureau visited an Exchange Street warehouse on December 13, 2011.  The inspector observed people , including a 16-year-old, working in a large dumpster surrounded by large quantities of white fibrous material, later confirmed to be asbestos.  Click here for the news story.