Asbestos News

Exposure to Libby, MT Vermiculite

New study shows that 30 years after a low cumulative level of exposure to the amphibole asbestos fibers in Libby vermiculite, workers employed at a vermiculite expanding plant during the 1980’s can have changes to the lung and lining of the thoracic cavity that affect spirometry results.   Click here to read the study.

Taconite Exposure Linked to Mesothelioma

With a quote from Dr. Michael Harbut, this news article by David Shaffer of the Minneapolis Star Tribune reviews the recent release of a six year, multimillion dollar study conducted by the University of Minnesota identifying a connection between taconite and the development of mesothelioma.

Asbestos-Contaminated Talcum Powder

Are you aware that talcum powder may be exposing you to asbestos?   Because asbestos is a contaminate in talc that the FDA fails to test for the agency admits that it cannot prove that talc-containing products sold in the US are free from asbestos.  Talc is also used in food and pharmaceuticals.  These news articles highlight the association between… Read more →

Asbestos Revisted: A New Autoimmune Disease?

Amphibole asbestos, a contaminant found in vermiculite home insulation and used in the construction of the original World Trade Center, may be associated with a disease affecting the connective tissue surrounding the lungs causing pain and a decrease in lung function. Click here to read the July 29, 2014 story.