Cynthia Noraian

Asbestos-Contaminated Talcum Powder

Are you aware that talcum powder may be exposing you to asbestos?   Because asbestos is a contaminate in talc that the FDA fails to test for the agency admits that it cannot prove that talc-containing products sold in the US are free from asbestos.  Talc is also used in food and pharmaceuticals.  These news articles highlight the association between… Read more →

NBC Nightly News: Asbestos at US Capitol Bldg.

This investigative story of the unsafe, asbestos-contaminated environment in the tunnels under the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. aired on May 9, 2007.   This NBC Nightly News video and transcript features interviews with the 10 “tunnel rats” who complained for years about these working conditions.  Examined by Dr. Michael Harbut, three of these workers were diagnosed with asbestos-related disease. 

Flu and Pneumonia Vaccines

ATTENTION  Most public health authorities recommend that all persons who work  or have worked around dusts and/or chemicals such asbestosis should receive a “flu shot”, unless otherwise contraindicated. The risk of getting sick or dying from the flu is much higher in those people who do not receive a “flu shot.”  Additionally, most persons in these categories should also be… Read more →

Flu Vaccine for 2014

Who should receive the flu shot, when should they get it, and what kinds are available? Dr. Sandra Fryhofer, internal medicine specialist, goes over the ACIP guidelines for flu vaccine in her WebMD Medscape blog: Hello. I’m Dr Sandra Fryhofer. Welcome to Medicine Matters. The topic: Flu protection 2014—what is best for you? The latest update from the Advisory Committee… Read more →

Asbestos Revisted: A New Autoimmune Disease?

Amphibole asbestos, a contaminant found in vermiculite home insulation and used in the construction of the original World Trade Center, may be associated with a disease affecting the connective tissue surrounding the lungs causing pain and a decrease in lung function. Click here to read the July 29, 2014 story.